Soilwork Industrial Metal Masters Crush The Fonda Theater


Soilwork Industrial Metal Masters Crush The Fonda Theater!   Swedish Industrial Metal Masters Soilwork, tore down the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on May 7, 2016. Soilwork are Bjorn “Speed” Strid-vocals; Sven Karlsson-Keyboards; Dirk Verbeuren-drums; Sylvain Coudret-lead guitar; David Andersson-lead guitar and Markus Wibom-bass guitar.  SOILWORK delivered a set of 11 songs with the brutal force of a Category 5 Hurricane as […]

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Black Sabbath Release Pandemonium On Las Vegas

OZZY Slide Show.

Black Sabbath, Iconic Legendary Metal High Royalty took over Las Vegas (Sin City) on Saturday, February 13, 2016. As you walked through the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the day of the show you were surrounded by Black Sabbath fans of all ages wearing various Black Sabbath t-shirts spanning the reign of 40+ years of this incredible band. You could feel […]

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