Tom Keifer Brings His Explosive Rock to the Saban Theater

Tom Keifer at the Saban Theater

Tom Keifer


Tom Keifer, the voice of Cinderella gives the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills an Explosive Night of Heavy Blues Rock.

Tom Keifer well known for his vocal prowess and the hard rockin’ band Cinderella has recently released a solo LP; The Way Life Goes. The LP is a collection of great rockin’ tracks with Keifer’s vocals sounding as incredible as ever.

Tom Keifer The Way Life Goes

The LP has a blues rock feel with a sound reminiscent of Black Crows, a little Rolling Stones and 100% Tom Keifer creating a mix of some of the best blues rock vocals you have ever heard.

After we had a sample taste of Tom Keifer’s new solo LP,The Way Life goes” we were ready for a great show.

The Saban Theater in Beverly Hills was packed to capacity and the night was a mix of Solo Keifer and Cinderella classics which made for a night of bad ass blues rock. If you’ve never had the chance to see Cinderella or Tom Keifer with his solo band, you’re missing one of the most passionate and great rock performing artists of our time. Keifer always gives his audience 110% and leaves it all on the stage every night, truly an Awesome performer!

Tom Keifer_Saban Theater_Beverly Hills-CA

Tom Keifer

A night of explosive rock, Keifer style.

As the lights dimmed, Keifer exploded on stage with Once Around the Ride from the debut Cinderella LP, Night Songs and Keifer’s vocals sounded better than ever! After the blistering opener he dove into It’s Not Enough which is one of the best tracks from his solo LP The Way Life Goes.

About midway into the show, Keifer brought out his wife Savannah for an inspirational set of acoustic songs which finished with the Cinderella classic Nobody’s Fool.

Tom Keifer and Savannah_Saban Theater_Beverly Hills-Ca

Savannah Keifer and Tom Keifer

In this version of Nobody’s fool; Keifer strapped on an electric guitar for the 2nd half of the song and just tore the place down with a Hard Rockin’ end to the song with absolute shredding vocals Keifer Style!!!

Keifer continued with Solid Ground from his solo LP which came off heavier live than on the studio track. Then he blasted into the Cinderella classics, Night Songs, Coming Home and Shelter Me. Truly one of the many highlights of this incredible evening.

Tom Keifer_Saban Theater_Beverly Hills-CA

Tony Higbee and Tom Keifer

Continuing on to the last 3 songs of the night, Keifer and Co. were like an unstoppable 747 as they blazed their way to the end of the show without stopping.

Tom Keifer_Saban Theater_Beverly Hills-CA

Tom Keifer

From Shelter me they went straight into It’s only R & R by the Rolling Stones, where Keifer had enough swagger to make Mick Jagger envious; and a version of The Beatles, A Little Help From My Friends that was more reminiscent of Joe Cocker’s version that was simply brilliant.


Tom Keifer

Finally, when you thought that there was no way Keifer could finish the night on a higher note; the band fired into the Cinderella masterpiece, Gypsy Road where the band left every last bit of Heart, Sweat and Energy they had on the Saban Theater stage. Keifer sincerely thanked the audience for their support and for being friends for the past 30 years. This was a truly great show!

Be sure to check out Tom Keifer’s solo LP The Way Life Goes and absolutely do not miss this incredible performer and his band at a venue near you. Check out tour dates here:

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The set list was:

Tom Keifer Saban Theater Berverly Hills

Set list from the Stage