Nobel Cooley Drums

DW Collector’s Series® Purpleheart Snare Drum

Hand-crafted in the California Custom Shop from 13 plies of Pure Purpleheart™ with exclusive HVLT shell technology built right in. The all-new Purpleheart snares are offered in any available Custom Shop size and drum hardware color option. Delivering ample attack, projection and articulation, this drum is destined to become The Drummer’s Choice®.


Mike Portnoy Talks About Promark Mike Portnoy 420X Signature Drumsticks with ActiveGrip


DW introduces their new bass drum pedal line the




DW MFG - MDD Pedals


Building on the success of the MDD® Machine Direct Drive™ Pedal, the MCD® is a boutique pedal that shares many of the patented features, industrial design and build-quality of its direct drive cousin. The most striking difference is an adjustable, sprocket-less cam that incorporates a gear shift-style lever. The lever allows players to quickly shift between the most popular chain-drive cam settings and is easily accessible when mounted to a bass drum.

DW Director of R&D, Rich Sikra, explains, “We knew this would be the next logical step when we were introducing the MDD pedals. So many of our artists absolutely love their 9000 pedals, but they’re also enamored with the form and function of DW MFG. Plus, we knew that the direct drive feel wasn’t for everyone. It’s been a really fun and challenging project for the R&D team.”

Other notable features include a racing-style, all-aluminum, perforated footboard with matching, contoured heel plate, Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp™, V.E.R.T. Vertical Spring Adjustment™, 101 Control Beater™ and more. A DW MFG carrying case is also included and the recently released MDD Hi-Hat compliments the MCD pedals perfectly.




Adjustable, Sprocket-Less Cam w/ Gear Shift-Style Lever

Infinite Throw/Stroke Adjustment

VERT (Vertical Spring Tension Adjustment) is a revolutionary machined slider that controls overall spring tension.

110 Control™ Weight/Impact Adjustable Beater Patents (US 8633367, DE 102011005640)

Perforated Solid Aluminum Footboard

Contoured Heel Plate

Interlocking Delta™ Hinge

Floating Rotor Drive System

Tri-Pivot™ Swivel Toe Clamp (U.S. Patent No. 9240169)

AB™ – All-Bearing Universal Joint on double pedal linkage.

Single Pedal Bag

Double Pedal


The making of the Neil Peart R40 drum kit.

DW Drum Designer John Good and Neil Peart have teamed up to create a one-of-a kind R40 kit crafted from Romanian River Oak and a plethora of intricate laser-cut exotic woods. To commemorate Rush’s 40th Anniversary and the making of the R40 kit, a limited number of 250 replica Icon snare drums will be produced. The 6.5×14”, 13-ply VLT Oak shell is sealed in clear, high-gloss lacquer and complemented by gold-plated hardware. A signed-and-numbered certificate of authenticity and deluxe carrying bag will accompany each drum and a percentage of the proceeds will benefit Neil’s charity of choice.

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