Dirty Honey Live Nation Showcase 9-5-19

Dirty Honey Live Nation Showcase 9-5-19

Dirty Honey Live Nation Showcase

Dirty Honey-Singer Marc LaBelle

Dirty Honey are a new incendiary rock and roll force from Los Angeles who at their core are, a brilliant mix of The Black Crowes and GNR. Today there are scores of talented musicians and bands out there but rarely does the right combination of players come together with a chemistry to create that amazing spark of something great. However, once in a while, the stars align themselves to bring that certain group of people together who are all on the same page, gifted, uniquely talented, and as a group, they have the ability to create something special. Such is the case with bands like AC/DC, GNR, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam and more recently Nothing More just to name a few; and now Dirty Honey has the potential to join the ranks of these great bands. After listening to Dirty Honey’s debut self titled EP and catching their live performance at the Live Nation Showcase on September 5, 2019, it’s easy to see why there is such a buzz on the streets of Los Angeles about this band. The band consisting of lead vocalist-Marc LaBelle, guitarist-John Notto, bassist-Justin Smolian and drummer-Corey Coverstone with their very own signature style of Bluesy Rock; are poised to make an exceptional and meteoric rise to bring back the glory days of “Big Riff Bluesy Arena Rock”; in a BIG way!

Dirty Honey Live Nation Showcase

L-R: Justin Smolian-Bass, Corey Coverstone-Drums, Marc LaBelle -Vocals, John Notto Guitar

On September 5, 2019 LA Metal Media Magazine attended a Dirty Honey industry showcase at Live Nation in Los Angeles for a set that pretty much blew the roof off the Live Nation building. The rhythm section of Justin Smolian-bass and Corey Coverstone-drums are ridiculously tight and explosive, guitarist John Notto dishes out the big riffs while running around and shredding his guitar, singer Marc LaBelle moves with the swagger of Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) or Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), all the while belting out some seriously scorching vocals; despite having technical issues with his in-ears monitors, leaving him to fend for himself. 

Most of the songs were presented with a no nonsense introduction with the band launching into one explosive track after another. The exception was their #3 Active Rock Radio Hit, When I’m Gone that was introduced by LaBelle; “Here’s one you may have already heard” and Heartbreaker, that was introduced by LaBelle as; “This one was a bit of a bitch to write and was written a long while back with this guy”, pointing at bassist Smolian, “Check it out!”

Another evening highlight was a nice shredding drum solo by Coverstone, who moved between detonating riffs across his toms, subtle dynamics, a seriously bad ass funk groove and an alternating cymbal/drum attack at the end of his solo that was blistering and in your face; nice job.

Dirty Honey Live Nation Showcase

Corey Coverstone

Although Dirty Honey is currently an unsigned band, they’ve managed to grab the attention of bands like Guns N’ Roses, Slash and the Capasitors and The Who, all of whom have tapped this band as a special guest opener on their respective upcoming tours.

Dirty Honey is one band to be on the lookout for and if you’re a fan of Big Riff Bluesy Rock like The Black Crowes and GNR, you should definitely pick up a copy of their debut self titled EP that was produced by renowned producer, Nick DiDia (Rage Against the Machine and Pearl Jam).  DiDia was able to capture the essence of this band with a recording that’s not over produced, just live and in your face.

Here’s the official video release of When I’m Gone:

BTW, as good as the EP is; live, they are scorching and everything that’s on their EP and much, much More…Be sure to check them out!

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