Lacuna Coil Concert Review Van Buren Theater 4-15-22

Lacuna Coil Concert Review Van Buren Theater 4-15-22 Roc Boyum

Lacuna Coil, Italian Metal Masters made their long awaited return to the world stage for a sold out show at The Van Buren Theater in Phoenix, Arizona on April 15, 2022, to an insanely enthusiastic audience. The Van Buren has always been a standing room only venue, much like a House of Blues, and this evening was the first time I have ever experienced this venue with seats on the floor; which is a good thing as the fans were assured of a designated place to stand or sit and enjoy the show. After the band hit the stage and unleashed their signature Italian metal mastery, singer Cristina Scabbia commented to the energetic crowd, how awesome it was to return to the stage after 26 months of sitting at home. This long duration away from the stage had Lacuna Coil especially fired up as the band absorbed the fierce energy that was radiating from the audience throughout the night. The energy in the venue was a mutual exchange between the band and audience that was passionate and cumulative throughout their show; with the entire audience singing along to every song, a powerful exchange that I hadn’t seen in quite some time!

The band presented a blistering 10 song set with five of the songs from their highly acclaimed 2019 release “Black Anima”, with the songs: Reckless, Apocalypse, Layers of Time, Save Me and Veneficium respectively. The first two songs of the set were from the LPs, Delirium, and Dark Adrenaline, with Blood, Tears, Dust and Trip the Darkness respectively. The three other songs in the set were from the Comalies, Broken Crown Halo and Kamacode LPs. The opening song, Blood, Tears, Dust with singer Andrea Ferro leading things off, fired up the crowd with his aggressive vocal entrance.

Andrea Ferro

Singer Cristina Scabbia introduced the song Trip The Darkness by asking the audience; Phoenix , are you rocking? let me hear you! This immediately had the audience jumping up and down as the audience cheered in response to Scabbia.

Cristina Scabbia

The next three songs, Reckless, Apocalypse and Layers of Time are all three fan favorites with Layers of Time sounding exceptional and one of the many highlights of the evening with the song’s hard driving and aggressive bass and drum rhythms coupled with the intense vocals in the verses by Andrea Ferro and the angelic soaring vocals by Cristina Scabbia in the chorus sections that can only be described as stunning.

Singer Scabbia introduced the song Save Me by imparting these words; this one goes out to all of us for surviving throughout this big pandemic , this one is Save Me! This was a fitting introduction for a song about asking for help to get through this mess, which is exactly what the pandemic was. The lyrics in the song’s middle breakdown were expressed by Scabbia with a heartfelt emotion that everyone could feel and the sincerity in her words; I don’t want to give up! I can’t give up!

In contrast to Save Me, the song “Nothing Stands In Our Way” is an empowering song of hope and perseverance. Every band has that one definitive signature song that many of their fans identify with, and in some cases, the sole reason why some fans go to see a particular band live. “Nothing Stands In Our Way” is that whole package for Lacuna Coil, with it’s melody, musicianship and stellar lyrics that brings a collective unity to their fans. It’s truly the lyrics in “Nothing Stands In Our Way” that sets this song apart from their other material, with it’s empowering and galvanizing message that fills everyone with the belief that we can all overcome any of life’s obstacles if we meet our challenges head on, and let “Nothing Stand In Our Way “!

Lacuna Coil’s brilliant songwriting, superb vocals and stellar musicianship are definitely not to be missed and especially with a 26 month absence from the stage due to unforeseen circumstances in the world, you do not want to take a chance on possibly missing out on seeing this band on stage for any reason, get out and see Lacuna Coil on this tour before they return to Italy, and witness firsthand this explosive band live.

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The Lacuna Coil Van Buren set list was:

Blood, Tears, Dust

Trip The Darkness



Layers of Time

Heaven’s a Lie

Save Me


Our Truth

Nothing Stands In Our Way