Soilwork Industrial Metal Masters Crush The Fonda Theater

Soilwork Industrial Metal Masters Crush The Fonda Theater!

Swedish Industrial Metal Masters Soilwork, tore down the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on May 7, 2016. Soilwork are Bjorn “Speed” Strid-vocals; Sven Karlsson-Keyboards; Dirk Verbeuren-drums; Sylvain Coudret-lead guitar; David Andersson-lead guitar and Markus Wibom-bass guitar. 

SOILWORK delivered a set of 11 songs with the brutal force of a Category 5 Hurricane as if they summoned a force of energy from beyond. They absolutely crushed any doubts that they are Masters of Industrial Metal with songs from The Ride Majestic that are as dark, powerful and epic as the body of work they’re so well known for.

Soilwork Gives The Fonda Theater A Night Of Crushing Industrial Metal.

The band opened the show with the title track from their latest LP, The Ride Majestic, a song representing what this band is known for; fast, in your face, industrial metal that instantly incited a ragging circle pit which set the tone for an evening of brilliant head crushing Metal.


Then the band immediately blasted into Nerve from their epic Stabbing The Drama LP, followed by a stellar version of The Chainheart Machine from their second LP, the 1999 masterpiece; The Chainheart Machine. The band continued with Crestfallen (Stabbing The Drama) Follow The Hollow (Natural Born Chaos) and Living Infinite 1 (The Living Infinite) before serving up another song from the LP, The Ride Majestic, Whirl of Pain.

Whirl of Pain is a melodic mid tempo track and offered a different dynamic to their set with the circle pit taking a brief break. At the end of the song Bjorn said to the crowd, “Let’s get this pit ragging with Bastard Chain from our Predator’s Portrait LP. Bastard Chain is full throttle industrial thrash at it’s best which immediately incited a massive annihilation pit with many fans thrashing themselves against the stage; pure beauty.

The ragging pit continued through the last three songs; Rejection Role, Late For The Kill and Stabbing The Drama, completing a night of Brilliant Industrial/Thrash Metal. The set list was:

Soilwork setlist Fonda Theater

LA Metal Media would like to thank Bjorn “Speed” Strid for taking the time to talk to us backstage at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, you can check it out here:

Soilwork’s LP The Ride Majestic  is the band’s tenth studio album from these Swedish Metal Masters and is musically true to the band’s core. It contains just enough change to keep the listeners interest while not alienating their fans with any radical departure from who they are. The Ride Majestic was released on August 28, 2015. Critics are saying:

“…Their mark on the music world is indelible, their music immediate and powerful.”

“The Ride Majestic is yet another crown jewel. Ridiculously written, immaculately performed…” Decibel Magazine

“One of Sweden’s greatest contributors to the melodic death metal scene.”

An epic, melodic blast of top-tier melodeath, sure to be an album of the year contender. New Noise Magazine

Check out The Ride Majestic on Amazon The Ride Majestic-AmazonSoilwork-The-Ride-Majestic

Soilwork has been a touring like crazy this year with so many highlight still to come including  one of the all time Mega Metal festivals; the GRASPOP METAL MEETING FESTIVAL in Antwerp Belgium.  SOILWORK will be sharing the stage with Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Megadeth, and Testament just to name a few. SOILWORK take the stage on Friday, June 17.



Followed by UK Tour dates with Arch Enemy in August

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