Anthrax Highly Anticipated New CD, For All Kings Available Feb 26!!!

CD Review: Anthrax’s New CD For All Kings on Megaforce Records by LA Metal Media.


Anthrax For-All-Kings

For All Kings

Anthrax’s New CD For All Kings is a feast for the ears and is the latest studio album from Anthrax, with 13 tracks of brilliant Thrash/Trash and no bullshit Heavy Metal. The CD is set for release on February 26, 2016 and as Charlie Benante has stated, For All Kings is a dedication to all those people in your life who are a role model (“King”); a sports figure, a musician/band or family member.

Immediately upon first listen, you are drawn into a well carved recording co-produced by Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Killswitch Engage, Steel Panther) just to name a few. The CD is a blaze of impeccable precision playing and killer vocals from a band that can still be inventive while staying true to who they are.

 You Gotta Believe Intro opens this CD and is a type of short orchestral march that conjures up visions of a dark apocalyptic landscape that seamlessly flows into You Gotta Believe; a full frontal assault of straight ahead thrash with razor sharp breaks. The breakdown guitar solo with it’s subdued vocals leaves the thrash territory but quickly becomes a blistering shred solo that will create a spontaneous mosh pit explosion. Monster At The End is a hard hitting metal track with one of the best vocal lines on the CD. Here, they perfectly balance great vocal melodies with crunching metal similar to something from Metallica’s Black Album but unmistakably pure Anthrax.

Zero Tolerance starts with a guitar/vocal chant in 6/4 that quickly breaks into pure 200 mile per hour thrash heaven. Lyrically the song is putting the human race on notice with lyrics like; on the day you meet your God what will he say? Zero Tolerance for………Check this one out, it’s nasty!!!

Breathing Lightning is another great metal track with stellar vocals by Belladona and a melody line that will definitely stick in your head. Donais’ guitar solo in this song is all about playing for the song; with it’s nice bled of shred, melody and the perfect tone.  Blood Eagle Wings is as thick, heavy and nasty as anything out there. The song starts off with a unique guitar sound possibly from “The Shark”  (a secret guitar weapon as Benante puts it) that was used throughout the writing process. The chorus has an amazing melody that showcases Belladona’s soaring vocals. The middle section has a driving double bass drum part, in your face vocals and shredding guitars that are the sum of yet another masterpiece.     All of Them Thieves is metal based with a thrash guitar solo that will definitely release the animal in the pit.  For All Kings is in essence a thrash track with a 6/4 passage and razor sharp breaks that will slice your head wide open.

Suzerian, The Battle Chaos, Voice of The People, Defend/Avenge & Evil Twin are all great metal and thrash tracks with Suzerian as one of the stand out tracks; with it’s blistering intro and seriously infectious groove.

For All Kings, is a CD full of absolute Anthrax shredding with no fillers. Joey Belladonna’s vocals soar with power and grit, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and Frank Bello are sonic fusion like an unstoppable machine that will never let up, and the lead guitar work from newcomer Johnathan Donais is absolutely brilliant. The future looks brighter than ever for Anthrax!

For All Kings will go down as one of Anthrax’s best CDs of all time, a sparkling triumph in a huge body of their legendary work. This is an absolute must for every metal enthusiast’s collection with tracks that are guaranteed to bring down the house when these guys take the songs out live. Their tour starts on March 1, 2016 with Iron Maiden in Monterrey Mexico. Stayed tuned to the Anthrax website for upcoming local shows. Pre-order For All Kings here!

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