Arch Enemy-Trivium Sell Out The Wiltern Theater

Arch Enemy-Trivium Sell out Wiltern Theater

Arch Enemy-Trivium Wiltern Theater

Alissa White Gluz

Trivium Wiltern Theater

Matt Heafty

On November 29, 2017 The Wiltern Theater hosted a completely sold night of brain crushing metal featuring co-headers Arch Enemy and Trivium with support from While She Sleeps and Fit for an Autopsy.

Fit for an Autopsy hit the stage first with a killer set of their brand of detahcore metal that set in support of their latest LP The Great Collapse.
The stage was as dark as their music as they thrashed the audience with heavy riffs.

While she Sleeps from Sheffeild England hit the stage with a heavy and more melodic feel, all the while managing to stir a few circle pits throughout their set. In support of their latest effort You Are We, the band blew though an impressive set led by vocalist “Lawrence Loz Taylorran” who killed it vocally as he ran around almost non-stop throughout their show and crowd surfed the GA floor with a corded mic; impressive!

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Arch Enemy Crushed The Wiltern!

Arch Enemy Wiltern Theater

Alissa White Gluz

From a darkened stage the opening instrumental track “Set Flame to the Night” from their latest LP “Will to Power” rang throughout the venue until Arch Enemy exploded on stage with a blistering version of “The World is Yours” from the Will to Power LP. For all who have seen this band before it became immediately apparent that this time around the band was Supercharged like never before. Every element of this band sets them apart from the contemporaries. The rhythm section of bassist Sharlee D’Angelo and drummer “Daniel Erlandsson” exceeded anything they’ve laid down on disc, while singer “Alissa White Gluz” growled and prowled the stage with the audience eating out of her hands from the moment she stepped on stage. The double guitar threat of “Michael Amott” and “Jeff Loomis” are second to none as they weave harmonic melodies and shredding leads throughout every song. Amazingly crafted harmony guitar lines that were delivered with stunning precision, emotion and crushing tones that stick in your head as if they were branded in your brain right from the stage.

Arch Enemy Wiltern Theater

Michael Amott

Arch Enemy Wiltern Theater

Jeff Loomis

This is a band that has made many a great album with a catalog of consistently brilliant material that most bands only dream of making. With that said, the stage is where Arch Enemy is at their best, delivering a show that is a torrent of musical genius with impeccable precision.  The band presented 5 songs from their War Eternal LP with the tracks; Stolen Life, War Eternal, You Will Know My Name, As the Pages Burn and Avalanche respectively. Will to Power with it’s greater musical complexity, and more intricate arrangements may seem a little less accessible than their previous “War Eternal” LP but with songs like The World is Yours, The Race and The Eagle Flies Alone, there is no doubt that Will To Power contains some of the band’s best material. 

Other LP’s brought to the stage were Wages of Sin, Doomsday Machine, Anthems of Rebellion and Khaos Legions were. If you like your music Heavy with melody and musicianship that is second to none, you absolutely do not want to miss this band.

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Trivium bring down the house with insane circle pits.

Trivium’s Matt Heafy, Pablo Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu and their newest member Alex Bent on drums hit the stage with a force that immediately ignited The Wiltern Theater.

Alex Bent is the drummer I believe the band always wanted with his serious chops, shredding blast beats and awesome ability to make this band sound like a freight train when they get heavy.

The band is touring in support of their LP The Sin and the Sentence which is said by many to be their best effort to date. Matt Heafy is a brilliant frontman who knows his audience.

Trivium Wiltern Theater

Matt Heafy

When Matt says “bounce” the GA collectively bounces and when he says, I want an insane circle pit, look out cause this thing is gonna get big and bad and  someone’s going to get slammed; awesome.

The band played an impressive 13 song set with a mix of what this band is known for; Ultra Heavy, melodic and the ability to switch up time signatures, tempo and groove in an instant.

As the night ended with Trivium’s masterpiece “Waves” Matt told the Wiltern that the band will be back soon. Although nobody wanted this night to end, the assurance that that they will be back made their departure a little easier.

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