Nightwish At The Greek Theater “From The Great Dark Between The Stars”

Nightwish At The Greek Theater “From The Great Dark Between The Stars”




FROM THE GREAT DARK BETWEEN THE STARS… Tuomas Holopainen (From “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”)

By Allie Jorgen for LA Metal Media

Photos by Roc Boyum for LA Metal Media

Posted May 10, 2015

Nightwish, the Finnish based High Priests and Priestess of Symphonic Metal brought their special brand of magic to the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on Friday, May 1, 2015. The lyrics from the song to the title track off their new CD Endless Forms Most Beautiful; “FROM THE GREAT DARK BETWEEN THE STARS” is a fitting description of the almost surreal night at the outdoor venue of the Greek Theater. With the full moon high in sky and the warm Los Angeles night, it was the perfect setting to see and hear the powerful, cinematic, and theatrical reigning Kings and Queen of Metal.


The show opened with Delain, from the Netherlands and the “Swedish Pagans” Sabaton whose energy got the entire crowd ready for what was to follow…

The lights went out and you could feel the manic anticipation as Nightwish took the stage.

A Nightwish show, is more than a “concert” it is an experience for the senses. After a brief introduction from Richard Dawkins off their new CD – the first song Shudder Before The Beautiful began the show with their explosive orchestral sound and the thunderous rhythms of Kai Hahto, Marco Hietala and Tuomas Holopainen followed by Emppu Vuorinen’s razor sharp guitar work, which all gave way to the first verse with lush and flowing keyboards, a steadfast drumbeat and the sweet and seductive sounds of Floor Jansen on vocals. Yes indeed, this was truly a grand entrance to an incredible show.

The Los Angeles crowd was in full attendance and the Greek Theater was packed all the way to the top. After the first song, the audience became spellbound, unable to pull their gaze away from the stage. Floor commanded the crowd with the sensual finesse of a siren.


The show continued with another song off the new CD, Yours Is An Empty Hope, heavy powerful Nightwish Metal, showcasing Floor’s more aggressive vocals along with Marco’s signature vocal style. This is soon to become another Nightwish classic. Next, as the band presented the timeless Nightwish songs, Amaranth andShe is My Sin, Floor executed the vocals to perfection.

The title track off the new CD Endless Forms Most Beautiful is the theme and the essence of the new CD. This song came across live with even more power than the studio recording giving one a real sense of this song’s true organic nature. Next up was the intro by Troy Donockley as he talked about being in Greece and seeing the beauty and majesty of the ancient monuments of Greece and how it did not compare to what he saw as looked out at the beauty of the vast crowd of people at the Greek Theater that night. The band then started the song My Walden and you could feel a sense of faraway lands with beautiful woods and endless possibilities.


The band left the stage as Marco began The Islander, with his powerful and compelling vocals you could hear the entire venue singing along with him. The band then rejoined him on stage to create a dramatic and emotional ending to the song.
The first single off the CD Elan translated into an epic crowd pleaser with Floor inviting the crowd to sing along to the chorus, which they gladly did.

Next up was another of my favorites off the new CD, Weak Fantasy. This song was the perfect showcase for the powerful vocals by Floor and Marco. Check out the video of the song from the fan footage below.




The fan favorites, Storytime and Dark Chest of Wonders were also among the highlights of the evening (but actually the entire evening was a highlight) followed another new track Alpenglow which has all the elements of pure classic Nightwish. After Alpenglow there was a backdrop change and Floor announced the songStargazers from the Oceanborn album which has not been performed live for quite some time. Nightwish is one of those rare bands that can make a 180 degree change in mood and still keep the audience hanging onto every moment; and they did just that as they shifted from the metal head smasher Stargazers to the incredible balladSleeping Sun which Floor sang with grace and beauty.

The audience was clinging to Floor’s every word, as she executed the new songs to perfection and was able to breathe new life with power and passion into the classics. She was able to prove why she is the perfect new chapter for Nightwish.

They moved into the first song of Grand Finale of the evening and the stage exploded with The Greatest Show On Earth, (chapters 2 & 3) which is even more of an epic masterpiece live than it is on the CD – bringing chills to your spine. Next, the crowd went into a frenzy as the band started Ghost Love Score; quite possibly the ultimate fan favorite. As they went into the song’s end and Floor hit all those incredible high notes, the audience’s ovation was deafening which brought tears to the eyes of many.

As the evening came to a close, Nightwish began the The Last Ride Of The Day which was sadly, the last song of the evening. All in attendance at the Greek Theater stood for the entire show and did not want the evening to end as they continued to stand clapping and screaming for a night they would not soon forget.





​The Setlist was: Shudder Before The Beautiful / Yours Is An Empty Hope / Amaranth / She Is My Sin /

Endless Forms Most Beautiful / My Walden / The Islander / Elan / Weak Fantasy / Storytime /

Dark Chest Of Wonders / Alpenglow / Stargazers / Sleeping Sun / The Greatest Show On Earth (Chapters 2 & 3) / Ghost Love Score / Last Ride Of The Day

Very special thanks to Tuomas Holopainen, Floor Jansen, Marco Hietala, Emppu Vuorinen, Kai Hahto and Troy Donockley for breathing new life into Los Angeles if only for one night.

NW Vegas


If you missed Nightwish on this North American tour, try to get overseas to see them at one of the European Festivals this summer which promises to have their entire stage show including all the pyrotechnics.

Nightwish will continue to tour into 2016 and with any luck there will be another North American Tour?

LA Metal Media also had the privilege to talk one on one with Tuomas Holopainen in Las Vegas, the night before the Greek Theater show. 

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Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish talks to LA Metal Media about the guest appearance by Richard Dawkins on the new Nightwish CD and the meaning behind the new CD “Endless Forms Most Beautiful.”

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