Enter The World of Horrorhound & Lake Eerie

The correlation between Metal Music and the Horror Film Industry is unprecedented. LA Metal Media takes you on a Journey of the Dark Underworld known as HorrorHound and the New Gothic Horror Film Lake Eerie!

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Monster from Gore Galore

HorrorHound Weekend was celebrated in Indianapolis with well over 12 thousand in attendance. Everywhere you looked people were in costume and the entire hotel looked like the set of a Horror Film. This 3 day journey of terror kicked off on a Friday featuring the “Nightmare on Elm Street” panel with the man himself, Robert Englund, who also added an encore performance on Saturday.

Robert England

HHWSept15-RobertEnglundThe Horror Film Industry is home to incredible Mask Designers, Make-Up Artists, and Special Effects Artists, and many of them showcased their exotic exhibits throughout the entire festival. Once inside, you had the feeling you were indeed taking a step, deep down into the Dark Gothic World of Halloween.

A very special exhibit was the mask collection by Nora Hewitt, the “Face Off” winner for this season. The “Face Off” Judges were also there with a panel discussion and meeting fans.

In addition to the incredible exhibits, there were star discussion panels, including Robert Englund with “Nightmare on Elm Street”, Lance Henrikson (Star of Aliens, Terminator, and the New Gothic Horror Film Lake Eerie), The Face Off Panel and the Indie Film Director Panel, which featured many Directors from the Independent films being featured at the HorrorHound Film Festival, including Chris Majors, the Director from the new Horror Film Lake Eerie.

HorrorHound Film Festival showcased yet to be released films, shorts, and other films that are not available in the mainstream media and the film festival started screening films at 4:00 PM on Friday and the film screening continued until 7:00 PM on Sunday.

One of the huge success stories of the HorrorHound Film Festival was the screening of Lake Eerie. Everyone was eagerly talking about the film when they arrived at the festival, as it was announced that this would be the Lake Eerie World Premiere.

As the festival continued and the nominations were announced for the Award Ceremony, Lake Eerie continued to generate an enormous buzz, as the Film received nominations for 4 categories. Everyone was in eager anticipation for the screening of the new film. As people stood in line waiting to see the World Premiere, there was excitement outside the screening theater with the line wrapped all the way around the hotel. Lance Henrikson arrived to introduce Lake Eerie, and as he said hello to everyone, all the Lake Eerie fans in line were clapping and taking multiple cell phone pictures. The Director of Lake Eerie, Chris Majors and his wife, Meredith Majors, the Writer and Star of the film, were in attendance with the Lake Eerie table in front of the screening theater. Many fans gathered around the Lake Eerie table as everyone waited for the World Premiere of the film.

The World Premiere screening of Lake Eerie was a huge success! Everyone inside the theater sat on the edge of their seat as the film began and became completely mesmerized and transfixed on every scene and moment of the film. The story is about a young widow who moves to a house by the Lake and does not know she is about to become involved in the secrets of the house.

The house where they filmed Lake Eerie is an actual documented possessed house, and members of the cast and crew were witness to many hauntings during the making of the film. Chris and Meredith Majors hired actual Paranormal Investigators to track the spirits in the house. They received documented film and proof of an unidentified entity. With everyone in the theater holding their breath until the very end of the film, the audience then stood on their feet clapping and delivering a resounding standing ovation for the Director and Writer of this truly unique and terrifying film.

Lake Eerie will be released through Gravitas Ventures with an official Release Date of January 15, 2016.

Check the website and stay tuned for details and premieres in your local area http://www.lakeeeriemovie.com/





























Soon after the screening of Lake Eerie, the HorrorHound Award Ceremony took place in the Screening Room.





























With so many incredible nominations, the HorrorHound Judges had a challenging task of determining all of the winners. It was an honor for all the Feature Films, Short Films, Actors, Actresses and Special Effects People just to be nominated for this prestigious Award. Lake Eerie was nominated for Best Feature Film, Lance Henrikson, was nominated for Best Actor for Lake Eerie along with Betsy Baker nominated for Best Actress and Robert Kurtzman for best Special Effects for Lake Eerie. The entire Lake Eerie crowd that was in attendance for the World Premiere Screening, joined the festivities in the screening room for the Award Ceremony. The Award for Best Actor was announced first and the crowd went into a frenzy as they announced Lance Henrikson as the best actor, and presented him with the award for his role of “Pop” in Lake Eerie.Jason-Award-Shots-HH-1-3(1)


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All The Incredible Winners:

HorrorHound 2016 will again feature many of the Sci-Fi and Horror Industry Icons, including favorites from the X-Files. If you are truly into the Gothic World, and a Horror Movie fan, this is one festival you will not want to miss. Check out the website here http://www.horrorhoundweekend.com/.

Very special thanks to Jason Hignite, Jeremy Sheldon and everyone at HorrorHound for such an amazing weekend.