Mike Portnoy Reunites With Dream Theater

Article and Photos By Roc Boyum

Mike Portnoy, one of the founding members of Dream Theater makes his triumphant return to the band in 2024 to join in creating new music, tour the world and bring back the sound of some of the band’s most iconic material as only Mike Portnoy can!!!

Mike Portnoy

When Mike Portnoy made his departure from Dream Theater some 13 years ago, he managed to keep himself extremely busy in a seemingly endless number of projects. He had at many times during his departure from the band, given thought to what it would be like to rejoin the band that he helped to create, the band that became the benchmark by which all future progressive rock/metal bands would be measured; DREAM THEATER.

It wasn’t until his collaboration with guitarist and fellow Dream Theater founding member John Petrucci that the reality of a reunion with DT was possible. In 2022, Portnoy and Petrucci were really able to rediscover the enjoyment of playing live together on stage when Petrucci took Portnoy and bassist Dave LaRue on a 28 date tour in support of Petrucci’s Terminal Velocity LP. The Terminal Velocity tour was a must see show for all DT fans, and for those of us who caught this show; it seemed obvious that the announcement of Portnoys’ return to DT was only a matter of time.

At the end of 2023, that announcement came down the pike, along with Portnoy making a number of appearances on the Drumeo drum channel where he played several DT songs by himself in studio to the tracks and gave some insightful narration as to some of the history behind each song that he played. As we anxiously await the new release from the reunited Dream Theater and the epic new chapter of music and touring for this band; Check out Mike Portnoy on Drumeo playing and talking about Dream Theater with host “Brandon” on Drumeo below: