2024 Woodystock Blues and Brews Festival-Lake Havasu City-Concert Review

Concert Review and Photos By Roc Boyum

The Woodystock Blues & Brews Festival is an outdoor music festival that was once again set overlooking Lake Havasu in beautiful Lake Havasu City, AZ. Promoter, John Woodard put on another outstanding music event that featured an all new sound crew this year which made this production sound better than ever before!

Under beautiful skies, with great weather in a picturesque setting on the Lake, the stage was set for two full days of rockin’ music that featured some of the finest blues and blues/rock artists on the scene today; check out the lineup below.

The bands that were presented this year at the Woodystock Blues and Brews Festival covered the full spectrum of the blues and blues/rock genre, and there was something here for everyone. All the bands on this event put on a great show and entertained the audience with their particular blues style. Some of the great artists included; Alastair Greene Band, Jay Gordon & the Blues Venom, Catbone and the rising Phoenix, AZ Blues/Rock Band Until The Sun.

Until The Sun hail from Phoenix AZ, and were invited back to the festival this year by popular demand after wowing the audience with their performance at the 2023 Woodystock Festival.

Until The Sun are guitarist- Brandon Teskey, lead vocalist-Alyssa Swartz, Drums-Chris Tex, and filling in on Bass for David Raymer for this show was bassist-Glen Peacock. The band’s music is a unique mix of blues and blues/rock with a nice infusion of psychedelia that hearkens back to the blues/rock glory days of the late 1960’s.

L-R Brandon Teskey, Alyssa Swartz, Chris Tex, David Raymer

To get this Blues Festival started, Tiffany Lynn kicked things off with a heartfelt rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Until The Sun was the first band and opened the first day of music at the Festival. UTS gave the festival audience a strong set of twelve songs that lasted a little over one hour. Their expertise in infusing sexy, sultry blues with traditional blues, blues rock and R&B, always keep you wanting more. The soulful rocking blues guitar style of Brandon Teskey, combines traditional blues, blues rock and R&B with an edgy rocking blues style that is completely unique and has become his signature style. Alyssa Swartz has a powerful and sultry vocal style that is full of blues, rock, R&B, funk and traditional elements – like Etta James meets Norah Jones – and she knows how to entertain an audience. Drummer Chris Tex flows from a sexy, sleazy blues feel into a rocking powerhouse groove, and then back into traditional blues with a little funky R&B vibe to keep everyone moving and grooving; excellent! Their set included material off their two studio LP’s, Drowning In Blue and Enchantment, along with a few select standard blues covers that they of course infused with their own blues rockin’ style.

L-R David Raymer, Alyssa Swartz, Brandon Teskey, Chris Tex, Promoter John Woodard

Some of the stand out songs by UTS on this show were from their latest Enchantment LP that included, Groovin, Your Well, Dancing on the Floor” and Hound Dog respectively. For “Dancing on the Floor” the song gave each band member a short solo showcase that gave each musician a chance to stretch out and burn off some chops on their respective instruments.

It’s no wonder UTS was asked to return again this year to Woodystock. UTS presented a great set of their diverse and engaging music that was well received by the Woodystock audience. You can also check out the band in the Phoenix, AZ area playing at some of the nice venues that Phoenix metro has to offer. Check these guys out live whenever you get the chance and get their new CD: you’ll be glad you did.

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