Tom Keifer Celebrity Theater Concert Review-Phoenix AZ 04-02-24

Concert Review and Photos By Roc Boyum

Tom Keifer, one of the heaviest rock voices and dynamic front-men in the business, blazed into the Celebrity Theater in beautiful downtown Phoenix, AZ and shook up the Phoenix audience with an explosive rock n roll show that this Phoenix crowd will always remember. Vocally, Keifer kicked ass throughout this night, despite the seemingly inability of the venue to get his vocals up in the mix. The band unleashed a set of thirteen songs in the regular set and three encore songs that featured many Cinderella classics and some gems from Keifer’s solo efforts. From his solo works, Keifer and company kicked out two tracks from his latest Rise LP with the songs, “Life Was Here”and The Death of Me” as well as “Solid Ground” from his first highly acclaimed debut solo LP, The Way Life Goes. Of course, a night of Tom Keifer would not be complete without a string of hits from his 80’s rock band Cinderella; the band that quite literally put him on the map.

Tom Keifer also brought with him a band that is synonymous with the 80’s, and is a band that’s still going strong today; LA Guns.

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns came out of the gate full speed, ripping and tearing it up with their no holds barred approach. This band is always great to see live and they got this audience fired up with a kick ass twelve song set of their 80’s classics. Check out the L.A. Guns photo gallery under the Tom Keifer photo gallery at the bottom of this article.

After the high energy opening set by LA Guns, the lights dimmed and you could feel the tension mounting throughout the crowd as everyone waited in eager anticipation for the arrival of Tom Keifer and company. Then suddenly under the shroud of darkness you could hear the Stones song “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” cranking over the PA system that was escalating the tension in the room as everyone knew “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” was the countdown for Tom Keifer’s arrival.

The moment the band hit the stage, everyone in the audience was instantly on their feet eager to see and witness the incredible talent of this commanding performer; an audience posture that would remain for the band’s entire show.

Walking onto the stage, Keifer’s presence elicited a resounding audience roar and without hesitation, the band dove straight into the driving rocker, “Life Was Here” from Keifer’s latest Rise LP. The intense energy of“Life Was Here” was also a clear statement that Tom Keifer and company are cranking out new music that is hard rockin’, in your face and set the tone for a night of great music without compromise.

Of course a long string of Cinderella classics was sure to follow and to that end, Keifer did not disappoint. From the Cinderella catalogue came a plethora of classics including“Hot and Bothered, Heartbreak Station”, Coming Home, Nobody’s Fool and Night Songs.” These great classics came complete with plenty of audience participation in the form of everyone singing to each and every chorus. Keifer always likes to give back to the audience by capturing the audience on video and posting it on social media, which of course had everyone throwing a ton of love out to the band. In appreciation of the fans and their unwavering enthusiasm, the band decided to kick things into the next gear, Keifer and Company hit the audience with “Save Me, The Last Mile, Shake Me and Shelter Me.” Some songs like “Save Me” have an opening guitar line that is so iconic that it instantly fires up the entire crowd with the excitement and anticipation to hear one of their all time favorite rock songs performed live. The song “Shelter Me” came with a dramatic ending that very few front-men in R&R could pull off successfully. Throughout the song, Keifer would sing the line …..”we all need… a little shelter “, that would be delivered with a sense of greater urgency with each demanding plea. As the song crescendos towards it’s final conclusion, the music stops momentarily for Keifer to elicit his final plea into the mic. Dropping to his knees, Keifer belts out his final solicitation for a little “shelter” that engenders an audience response of screams and surging hands towards the stage that only a true rock icon could inspire. How in the hell was Keifer going to top that performance?

With an encore of “Don’t Know What You’ve Got”, With a Little Help From My Friends, and Gypsy Road”.……Keifer did in fact; up his game. “Don’t Know” had a more intimate beginning with Keifer sitting at the piano – but this song concluded as a heavy grinding rocker that showcased a masterful guitar solo by Keifer towards the songs’ end. ” With a Little Help” was delivered with the swagger, drama and style that was definitely all Tom Keifer instead of the Beatles. Knowing how to finish off a night and drain every possible ounce of energy from both the audience and the band, came the definitive Cinderella song, “Gypsy Road.” At the songs’ conclusion, Keifer was sitting on the stage facing his drummer as he rested his guitar on the stage floor as to say; that’s all I got folks, I’ve got nothing left!!!

And so it was, another great show by one of the greatest Rock and Roll front-men of all time, who gives you everything in his show, until there is nothing left; and leaves it all out on the floor- literally!!!

Get out and see Tom Keifer live whenever you can, he is a true Rock and Roll Icon and you won’t see another front man like this!

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