Stonebreed Ignite the House of Blues Anaheim

Stonebreed Ignites House of Blues Anaheim

Stonebreed House Of Blues

By Roc Boyum, LA Metal Media Posted: 2/27/15

The last time I saw Stonebreed was in November 2014 as they headlined a local band night at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills.

This show was on a Friday night after the second day of NAMM; so I thought this show might be a little different or could have some specical surprises and surprises there were! Stonebreed hit the ground running with so much fire and intensity that this show elevated the band to a whole new level of intense performance from any show I had previously attended.

The band’s lead singer Carlos Cruz had command of this audience from their first song and was able to get the whole audience engaged which was pretty amazing considering that most everybody in attendance was there to see Warrant or Lita Ford. On several occasions during their set Carlos shouted to the audience; We are Stonebreed, We arrrrre….. and the whole audience shouted back….Stonebreed. Ah yes they were engaged and Stonebreed kicked some serious ass.


Lita-1 WN-16 Stonebreed-2-9



Stand out songs from the show were Whiskey Well, Back Home and a new song; Tonight. There was alot of energy being thrown back and forth from the stage to the audience and vice versa; so I wasn’t the only one who wanted more than the 30 minute set that they were allowed; a perfect opening band for Lita Ford and Warrant.

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