Avatar’s Metal Spectacle Shreds Los Angeles

Avatar’s Metal Spectacle Shreds Los Angeles

Avatar Country Concert PhotographyOn Wednesday January 24, 2018, the Swedish reigning Masters of the Bizarre, Avatar,brought their Avatar Country Metal Spectacle to the Regent Theater in Los Angeles. After two crazy opening bands, Hellzapoppin and The Brains had finished their sets, the band that everyone was waiting for hit the stage; Avatar’s Avatar Country had finally descended upon Los Angeles.

To really appreciate what this band is all about, Avatar is unquestionably a must see live band. The LP’s are great and the videos are entertaining but their live show is where one can really take in the vibe of the circus madness that makes this band so unique.

To say that Avatar fans are rabid is a serious understatement. Consider that most of this audience knew the lyrics to the songs from the band’s brand new 1-12-18 world wide release titled…Avatar Country; just 12 days before this show…..was simply amazing!

While waiting for the arrival of Avatar, you could feel the energy in the room becoming more and more intense as each minute passed. The lights dimmed and the title track from Avatar Country, Glory to Our KING played over the PA. Everybody sang along to the opening track while reading the song’s lyrics on the three banners that were in front of the stage then the banners dropped revealing nothing but a darkened stage.

The KING” Guitarist, Jonas Jarlsby emerged, rising up through the catwalk behind the drums and there he was seated on a King’s Throne.  Jarlsby launched the band into Legend of the King from Avatar Country, shredding away on his guitar giving this heavy song a Regal entrance.

Lead singer Johannes Eckerström swaggered on stage as he made his way up to the King’s perch and then keeled next to the KING. Eckerström and Jarlsby performed the duet to the song’s soft beginning before they launched the band full speed into the thrashing force of Legend of the King.

Avatar Regent Theater Concert Photography

This was just the beginning to the incredible show that is;  Avatar’s Metal Spectacle, a Metal Circus of madness. The band presented 17 songs in all with fan favorites like Paint Me Red, Tower and Smells like a Freakshow. You can be sure that songs like King’s Harvest, Legend of King and The King Wants you are soon be fan favs as well.

Avatar finished the night with a crushing version of Hail the Apocalypse leaving the Los Angeles audience with a show that’s not to be forgotten anytime soon. In a time where bands last one or two LP’s and then disappear, Avatar with their recent 7th release Avatar Country is a band that just keeps getting better.  Be sure to get your hands on Avatar Country and catch their brilliant stage show live if you can. For everything Avatar, go to http://avatarmetal.com/

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Avatar Set list

Glory To Our King
Legend of the King
Let It Burn
Paint Me Red
King’s Harvest
Bloody Angel
The King Wants You
For the Swarm
The Eagle Has Landed
War Song [First time live since Feb 02, 2008 ]
Raven Wine
Smells Like a Freakshow
A Statue of the King [Live Debut]
The King Welcomes You To Avatar Country
Hail the Apocalypse

Be sure to check Avatar at http://avatarmetal.com/