Beast In Black Concert Review Nile Theater 4-14-22

Beast In Black Concert Review Nile Theater 4-14-22 by Roc Boyum

Beast In Black are a Finnish-Greek-Hungarian metal band formed in 2015 by lead guitarist and song writer-Anton Kabanen.

Yannis Papadopoulos

Beast In Black have been headlining sold out venues across Europe and have also previously opened for the symphonic metal giants, Nightwish. Now for the first time in the USA, North America will finally feel the full metal force of Beast In Black, which features members – singer-Yannis Papadopoulos, lead guitarist-Anton Kabanen, rhythm guitarist- Kasperi Heikkinen, bassist-Máté Molnár  and drummer-Atte Palokangas.

The anticipation for Beast In Black was ecstatic as the line formed outside the venue well in advance of the doors opening. The Nile Theater was further ignited by the opening bands, Striker and Seven Kingdoms who got things fired up for Beast In Black’s third show on their first tour ever in the USA.

The band played a brilliant set of fifteen songs that were culled from their three LPs, Berserker-2017, From Hell with Love-2019, and Dark Connection-2021, respectively. One by one, each band mate walked onto a darkened stage to greet the cheering audience until everyone except the singer were assembled on stage. The band then immediately launched into the hard driving rhythm of “Blade Runner” from their Dark Connection LP with the stage still under the guise of darkness. All of a sudden from stage right, singer Papadopoulos came running onto the stage and leaped into the air. The singer landed on cue, center stage, to assault the audience with his punishingly brutal vocals; a truly brilliant beginning to an incredible show.

Yannis Papadopoulos

At the conclusion of their first song, the band was meet with a resounding roar from an audience that had the entire band smiling. Singer Papadopoulos then introduced the next song by telling the story of a conversation he had from his flight on his way to the USA for this tour. During this conversation, he was told that the women in the USA are the most beautiful, and so to introduce the next song he imparted, this song is about you; BellaDonna” (which translates as beautiful woman).

For the fan favorite Blind and Frozen, we once again heard the signature wailing vocals from Papadopoulos with the audience jumping and pumping their fists to every line in the chorus. The two guitarists then continued the assault on the frenzied crowd with the song’s shredding guitar solos. Then bassist Molnár joined the two guitarists Kabanen and Heikkinen at the front and center of the stage with the three moving in a synchronized motion to rock the audience with their instruments that became a chopping motion; hence the guitar nickname; axe! The three axe men continued their rocking onslaught under flashing strobe lights that had swirls of coalescing smoke passing through the strobing beams that created a mystical ambience. The song ended with the fist pumping crowd exploding into a resounding roar that morphed into a repeating chant of the band’s name- “Beast In Black“, “Beast In Black“.

L-R Máté Molnár, Kasperi Heikkinen, Anton Kabanen

Before the band’s last song End of the World, the band members raised their hands in the air and initiated a methodical clapping of their hands that had the entire Nile Theater immediately joining in with the fun. The audience then simultaneously started chanting; Hey, Hey, Hey, as drummer Atte Palokangas unleashed a steadfast fill that was accompanied by the wailing scream from Papadopoulos to get the song underway. The song ended with a final wailing scream from Papadopoulos with the band reaching a musical apex and bringing the song to its final crashing and thunderous end.

Papadopoulos is an amazing singer with a seemingly endless amount of energy as he is in constant motion running around on stage. The entire band is an energetic force that is constantly propelling the music in a forward motion that drives their audiences into a greater frenzy with every song.

If you are a fan of high energy power metal with killer vocals, brilliant musicianship and show that is an unstoppable tornadic force; then Beast In Black is your band. This band is on a meteoric trajectory and seeing them in smaller venues will soon be a thing of the past. Get out there now and catch these guys on this intimate club tour while you still can! If you miss this headline tour; be sure to catch them supporting Nightwish in the USA starting May 4, 2022 through May 21, 2022; you’ll definitely thank yourself for getting out and enjoying some killer music!

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The Beast In Black set list was:

Blade Runner

From Hell With Love

Highway to Mars

Born Again

Cry Out for a Hero

Bella Donna

Moonlight Rendezvous


No Surrender

Sweet True Lies

Die by the Blade

One Night in Tokyo

Blind and Frozen

End of the World