Color of Chaos New Single, Edge of Night

Review by Roc Boyum

A long awaited new release by Phoenix, Arizona’s rock group Color of Chaos has just dropped. COC recently released their latest single; “Edge of Night” as well as a video that will whet the palates of all the raving COC fans with a video that will have them anxiously waiting for the band’s return to the Marquee Theater, in Tempe, AZ. COC’s new single and video is sure to also draw in new fans of the glory days of the 80’s style rock music and turn them new raving COC fans.

Included with the single review I also had the opportunity to see the new video, which is a really well done video that COC just dropped on September 1, 2023. The power and emotion of the song really capture the essence of the true Rock and Roll Lifestye. The video is a really well done piece, all done in B&W which is well suited for the behind the scenes in studio recording that this video conveys. Musically, the song is true to the band’s 80’s style sound that these guys are so well known for.

Guitarist Steve Favela begins by starting the song with emotional and earnest guitar chords that set the stage for vocalist Steve Carlson. Carlson’s passionate and powerful vocals accompany Favela for the first verse as they begin to weave the tapestry of this well crafted song. Then, the rhythm section and more guitars come in at the second verse to elevate the song before the whole thing kicks into high gear with a solid and steadfast rhythmic pulse. The song is a rock solid mid tempo rocker full of beautiful chords and changes, with a drive that is resolute throughout the song. Carlson’s vocals are what this song are all about with choruses that are super radio friendly and an overall stellar vocal performance with very memorable vocal lines that really reel you into to this vibe. This song makes for a great listen – whether you’re at work, out for a drive or just wanting to hear some feel good music.

This is another great track by the Phoenix, AZ based Color of Chaos and is sure to become another fan favorite.

Check out Edge of night here and enjoy the moment!