Dirty Honey New LP Set for Release April 23, 2021

Dirty Honey New LP Set for Release April 23, 2021

Dirty Honey, L-F: John Notto (guitar), Marc LaBelle (vocals), Corey Coverstone (drums), Justin Smolian (bass)

As quoted by Rolling stone in June 2020, “Onstage, and on Dirty Honey’s self-titled, self-released debut EP, singer, Labelle evokes the wails of Plant and Steven Tyler, with hints of Chris Cornell” – Dirty Honey Is Now Set to Release Their New Full Length LP April 23, 2021.

Dirty Honey will once again explode across the world stage in 2021 with their upcoming debut full length LP, produced by Nick DiDia (Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam) to be released on April 23, 2021. In advance of their new LP release, they have released a video for California Dreamin’, a track off their upcoming LP. Rolling Stone Magazine says; The song is a big riff rocker that finds singer Marc LaBelle exploring the darker, more turbulent elements that lurk beneath the promises of the Golden State.

Dirty Honey are blasting forward and setting the stage for 2021 to be a year of Big Riffs, Bad Ass Grooves, Killer Vocals and one hell of a kick ass party. Check out the video for California Dreamin’ right here, right NOW!!!


Also, check out the making of the video, California Dreamin’ below:


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