Dream Theater New LP Advance Release 2021

Dream Theater Advance Release -The Alien Single 2021

Prog-Metal Giants Dream Theater are set to release their 15th studio LP, A View From The Top Of The World on October 22, 2021 and have given us a glimpse into this LP with “The Alien.”

Dream Theater have released the first single from their upcoming A View From The Top Of The World LP titled The Alien.  This track is 9.5 minutes long and everything you could want from Dream Theater and more. The scope of the work contained within The Alien is an opus composition unto itself with multiple time and meter changes, that takes the listener on an interstellar journey. This recording is brilliant with every instrument clearly carved out within the recording to perfection. The song launches like a rocket towards the stratosphere at breakneck speed with the entire band working in a complex rhythmic synchronicity that is so dizzying, the mind almost shatters from the sheer intensity of the music. At the 1:15 mark in the song, the music opens up in a grand relief that has you drifting outside the Earth’s gravity as if the rocket boosters from your ship have just been dropped off to leave you floating onward through space on impulse power.

Throughout the song, Drummer Mike Mangini releases sonic accents that punctuate throughout. Together with bassist John Myung, they lay down an undercurrent of blistering complex runs and passages that have been recorded with amazing clarity and articulation that is never lost in the mix. Vocalist James LeBrie delivers one of his most brilliant performances ever and vocal layers that embellish and lift the track without overt overproduction. The vocal lines at times are like a lifeline that carries you over a galactic mine field of complex time signatures and blistering musical phrases that grants you safe passage up to the keyboard and guitar solos, from there; you’re on your own!  

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess and guitarist John Petrucci are at the top of their game, weaving together their multifarious rhythms, they at times generate sonic textures that come together as a single unique instrument. Petrucci then leads off his guitar solo with huge open notes that have you drifting through time and space. The solo overall is spacious and focused with that perfect balance of emotive tones and mind melting technic.  Rudess deliveries a solo that is sheer electronic wizardry with blistering runs and sounds that take you on an intergalactic ride. This solo will be so much fun to watch when the band hits the road in support of this LP.

Their previous 2019 LP “Distance Over Time” has been considered by many as the benchmark for all the future Dream Theater LP’s to attain. Well….if “The Alien” is any indication of what we can expect from A View From the Top of the World, then this will surely set a new benchmark to attain and a work that could be their finest accomplishment to date.

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 Check out The Alien below!