Greta Van Fleet CD Review; ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY

Greta Van Fleet CD Review; ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY

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L-R: Danny Wagner, Sam Kiszka, Jake Kiszka, Josh Kiszka

“ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY”  is the long awaited debut Full Length LP from  the up and coming new American Rock Band Greta Van Fleet. Their new LP, on Lava/Republic Records has already been causing a serious buzz and is set for release on October 19, 2018. Pre-Order available here! 

Included with the Pre-Order purchase is an instant download of the track Watching Over from the LP before it’s release; just a small taste of this fantastic record, pretty damn cool!

The band consists of Jake Kiszka-guitars, Josh Kiszka-Vocals, Sam Kiszka-Bass/Keyboards and Danny Wagner-Drums all of which, hale from the small hamlet of Frankenmuth, Michigan.

The band has had many lofty comparisons, most notably with the Godfathers of Heavy Rock and Heavy Metal, Led Zeppelin. Admittedly, when you first hear Josh’s vocals and the band’s blues rock riffs, their sound is quite reminiscent of early 1970’s Led Zeppelin. I believe that the band has been influenced by many of the great rock, blues rock and folk rock artists in modern music.

ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY is a outstanding collection of 10 well crafted blues rock songs that are musically diverse, showcasing powerful and passionate vocals with dynamic rock riffs and bad-ass grooves.

Greta Van Fleet


Upon listening to the LP for the first time, one may only hear the elemental essence of the blues rock format. However, through further review and with the opportunity to just sit back and listen, you can easily get lost in the musical soundscape created by the band.  The interplay between the fervent vocals and instruments is fantastic taking the listener on an otherworldly journey which gives this record a greater depth than just straight ahead blues rock, the end result; a very rich and dynamic LP.

To get a sense of what I’m talking about, check out the video of one of the finest songs from “ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY”, “When the Curtain Falls”….AND TURN IT UP!!!

With stand out tracks like When the Curtain falls, Watching Over, “Lover, Leaver, (Taker, Believer)” and You’re the One, it’s easy to hear that this band has only just begun to tap into their creative resources and that the future is indeed bright for Greta Van Fleet.

If you’re in the mood for some Great Rock, Blues and undeniable Grooves that kick it hard, then take a listen to this LP and you’ll find that “ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY” is a must have in your music collection.

Greta Van Fleet is a band that’s embracing a musical style that’s nearly forgotten in today’s market. With their own style and personality, the band is carrying the torch and keeping this great style of music alive and well!!!

Check out the AUDIO track for “Lover, Leaver” from ANTHEM of the PEACEFUL ARMY below.

 1.    Age of Man
 2.    The Cold Wind
 3.    When The Curtain Falls
 4.    Watching Over
 5.    Lover Leaver (Taker Believer)
 6.    You’re The One
 7.    The New Day
 8.    Mountain of the Sun
 9.    Brave New World
10.  Anthem
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