Kiss Concert Review AK-Chin Pavilion Phoenix AZ 9-26-21

Kiss Live AK-Chin Pavilion

Kiss Concert Review AK-Chin Pavilion Phoenix AZ 9-26-21

Kiss Live AK-Chin Pavilion Phoenix aZ

KISS End Of The Road Tour show burst onto the AK-Chin Pavilion stage in Phoenix, AZ on 9-26-26 in an amazing fiery pyrotechnic explosion of site and sound in the grandiose rock star fashion that only KISS can deliver. Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and Tommy Thayer dropped from high above the stage while standing on octagonal platforms. They descended down to the stage in a cloud of smoke with a shower of sparks and explosions that engulfed the stage and the band members throughout their decent. There were approximately eight or so of these incredible octagonal multi-functional platforms that one has to be see to believe. The platforms served as aerial standing platforms for the band members, video monitors for the audience when the platforms were turned vertically to face the audience and they also served as interactive and well timed explosive devices for the band members to interact with and set off explosive discharges during their performance.


The band came out of the gate with ripping versions of two classic tracks from their 1976 Destroyer LP; Detroit Rock City and Shout It Out Loud. The band assaulted the audience with nineteen kick ass KISS classics. The audience was a great mix of long time die hard KISS fans as well those fans in their 20’s who wanted to experience what has been said to be the biggest rock and roll production on earth; and KISS delivered with one hell of an over the top show!!! KISS has always been a live act to pull out all the stops and this tour is no exception; they also threw in a few surprises for good measure. During the song Lick It Up, the band launched into an excerpt of the legendary Who Classic, “We Don’t Get Fooled Again” that included the innovative Pete Townsend synthesizer sound which was originally an organ that was processed through a synthesizer and used as a rhythm which at that time, had never been done before and of course the iconic Keith Moon drum fills. The guitar solo by Tommy Thayer was a brilliant solo that included some of the most impressive use of pyrotechnics by anyone. For special effect accents, Thayer would use his guitar like a rocket launcher to fire a spark fueled blast at one of the octagonal platforms above the stage that would explode on contact with a fiery blast, something you really need to experience to fully appreciate!

Tommy Thayer-KISS

Paul Stanley introduced Psycho Circus by welcoming everyone to the Phoenix Zoo and asked everyone to give their best animal growl; the growling was so much fun for both Stanley and the audience that he asked the audience to growl a couple of more times. Psycho Circus segued into the drum solo by Eric Singer, who gave a very entertaining solo with plenty of audience participation. At one point in Singer’s solo, he played a 1/16 note double bass drum ostinato while using a towel to dry off his arms and face before grabbing his sticks to commence an all out attack between his drums and cymbals, while simultaneously being lifted high in the air on a huge scissors jack in a cloud of smoke; great fun indeed! The band went into an excerpt of 100,000 years that was followed by Gene Simmons, leading the band into God Of Thunder, and his legendary bass solo with all the theatrics you could ever want, including his famous spitting/coughing up blood act, talk about a consummate showman, give it up for Gene-FN-Simmons!

The last three songs of their regular set were Love Gun , I was Made for Lovin’ You and a screaming version of Black Diamond . For Love Gun, Stanley grabbed a suspended metal pole with a foot loop and flew from the main stage out over approximately the first 40 rows of seats to land on a smaller stage out in the middle of the venue. This mini stage had multiple microphones set in a 360 degree arrangement so he could face the audience from any angle and also was large enough to give Stanley enough room to dance about throughout his performance. For the two songs, Love Gun and I was Made For Lovin’ You, Stanley performed on this middle of venue stage and the surrounding audience got an instant up-close upgrade or even a front row seat depending on their location. Stanley then flew back to the main stage on his loop and poll apparatus to join the band to deliver a scorching version Black Diamond from their debut 1974 LP “KISS”. which was the last song of their regular set.

KISS gave a three song encore of; Beth, Do You Love Me and of course one of the most recognized song mantras in rock and roll music, Rock and Roll All Night, that had the entire audience screaming the words, I….wanna rock and roll all night …and party every day!!!

KISS played nineteen songs including three encore songs that were culled from 12 of their 20 studio LP’s. As one of the most successful bands in the history of music, it’s no surprise that the KISS legend is still running strong and the band is giving their audiences a show that is second to none, KISS are the ultimate embodiment of the concept of “ROCK AND ROLL!

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The setlist was:

Detroit Rock City

Shout It Out


War Machine

Heaven’s on Fire

I love it Loud

Lick it Up

Calling Dr. Love

Say Yeah

Cold Gin

Tommy Thayer Guitar Solo

Tears Are Falling

Psycho Circus

Eric Singer Drum Solo

1000,000 Years

Gene Simmons Bass Solo

God of Thunder

Love Gun

I Was Made For Lovin’ You

Black Diamond



Do You Love Me

Rock And Roll All Night