Lacuna Coil Black Anima CD Reveiw

Lacuna Coil Black Anima CD Reveiw

Black Anima is the latest LP from the Italian Metal Titans Lacuna Coil, and with Black Anima, they have delivered their absolute heaviest music to date. From the LP’s production to the song writing and vocal performances; Lacuna Coil have laid down the hammer with Black Amima.  Bass player and principal song writer, Marco Coti Zelati has brought forth a heavy, in your face and no non-sense LP that is a welcome change; so if you’re looking for a follow up to Delirium or Broken Crown Haloforget it! 

Marco Coti Zelati

Andrea Ferro

Black Anima features some of the most dynamic vocals and intense instrumental  performances from the band since their 2002 LP classic; Comalies. Throughout the LP, singer Andrea Ferro delivers some of his most aggressive, growl scorching vocals to date. Sword of Anger has Ferro coming out of the gate, unleashing an aggressive vocal growl that is definitely a cut above his previous efforts. 

Not to be out done, Cristina Scabbia belts out a vocal tour de force on the tracks Reckless and Layers of Time, that are possibly some of her best vocal deliveries ever.

In an LA Metal Media exclusive backstage interview before the show, Marco and Cristina talk about the making of Black Anima. Check out an excerpt from the interview as transcribed by

On the title of LACUNA COIL‘s new studio album, “Black Anima”:

Lacuna Coil Live Regent Theater Los AngelesCristina: “It has been a while that we wanted to include the word ‘black’ in the title. The idea was there for quite a long time, but we wanted something to represent the record that could work well with the word ‘black.’ We immediately thought about ‘anima’ because it means ‘soul’ in Italian. We combined even in the past some Italian words with English words. We are Italians and we just like to include something more of our roots. This record, if ‘Delirium’ was coming from a deep, sadness kind of moment, this record is the realization that sometimes it is okay to not be okay. Life is not perfect. We’re all going through struggles. We don’t have to be afraid to talk about them and we don’t have to be afraid to show the lowest parts of our life. Because we are not alone. Other people are dealing with this stuff at the same time as we are dealing with it. Everything will eventually be okay because of yin and yang.”

On describing the musical direction of “Black Anima”

Cristina: “It’s hard because it’s a very dynamic record.”

Lacuna Coil Live Regent Theater Los AngelesMarco: “Actually, when I started to write songs, I don’t think what I have to do. I just think…

Cristina: “He writes the majority of the music.”

Marco: “I grab my guitar and start to play and what comes out, if I like it and especially, we have in focus the meaning of the album, in this case, ‘Black Anima’. We work out, ‘Okay, what is ‘Black Anima’ for us? What is it going to be? What do we want to give to the people when they listen?’ In that way, usually, I wrote something that reminds me that connects me to ‘Black Anima’, then watching it grow, I start to play. This time, it happened, for example, ‘Layers Of Time’ is the first song I wrote on this album. The second one, ‘Reckless’ and it’s fun because [we] get to choose two singles and they are completely different. There’s not really a connection. The only thing I really had in my mind for us, in the beginning, is that I want to be more metal, more tight with the sound, and have something that is more for the live shows that we can have fun, and have that strength, power and energy, plus our melody and our way to make songs since day one. The melody, the strings, all the multiple vocals going on and on, the choruses. This time we have a Latin choir, like Gregorian singers. It’s a mix of everything. That’s why I’m really not thinking about, ‘Oh, we need to do that. We need to do that. Let’s do that. Let’s do that.’ When it comes out like a song like ‘Reckless’, it sounds very direct. Then I say, ‘This one could be a single, so let’s keep it this way. Let’s make it very tight and strong.’ Then we can think about lyrics.”

Check out the Full Inter View HERE!


Lacuna Coil Live Regent Theater Los Angeles

Diego “Didi” Cavalotti


Guitarist Diego “Didi” Cavalotti churns out some heavy shredding guitar rhythms and some very masterful and welcome guitar solos throughout the LP. Under the Surface has a heavy and driving guitar rhythms that propels the song forward while Veneficium has some of the most rewarding guitar solos on the LP.






Lacuna coil LIve Regent Theater Los Angeles CA

Richard Meiz

The newest band member, drummer Richard Meiz lays down some aggressive and tasty drumming throughout the LP. On the track, “The End is All I Can See”, Meiz, mixes some interesting sticking combinations between the snare and high hat in the verses that propels the songs’ grinding groove forward, with an aggressive and edgy feel.



Check out the official video for Reckless below.

 Black Anima, is the cumulative evolution of the band’s sound, that they have cultivated over their entire career. The underlying essence of the LP stems from the more metallic roots, found on their Comalies LP. Here they also impart the dark spirit conveyed on their Delirium LP with the exception that Black Anima is here to say; it’s okay to feel dark sometimes.  Finally, the LP is layered with the Gothic sound that has become synonymous with the Lacuna Coil brand.

Black Anima is the destination to the journey that the band has been traveling since the beginning of their musical exploration. This is not only a must have LP for Lacuna Coil fans but all fans of heavy, dark and Gothic music.

This is the LP that every Lacuna Coil fan has been waiting for!!!

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