Lacuna Coil Regent Theater Concert Review 10/1/19

Lacuna Coil Cristina Scabbia Live Regent Theater Los Angeles

Lacuna Coil Regent Theater Concert Review      10/1/19

Lacuna Coil Live Regent Theater Los Angeles CA

Andrea Ferro-Cristina Scabbia

Laucna Coil Blew The Roof Off The Regent Theater on 10-1-19 with their “Disease of the Anima”-Black Anima tour.

Before the show in Los Angeles started, Marco Coti Zelati and Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil gave LA Metal Media Magazine an in-depth, personal, candid and revealing backstage interview covering their career of 20+ years. The two band members covered a variety of subjects that included their recently released book on the history of the band  titled “Nothing Stands In Our Way” and the meaning behind the title of their latest LP, Black Anima; which translates into Black Soul. You can check out the interview below.

Lacuna Coil entered the stage to a resounding audience roar from their crazy and manic loyal fans. The band fired off the night with a crushing version  Blood, Tears, Dust from their 2016 Delirium LP under a myriad of flashing strobes as Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro got right down in everyone’s face at the edge of the stage.

The band continued with the fan favorites, Trip the Darkness (Dark Adrenaline LP), Our Truth (Karmacode LP) and Spellbound (Shadow Life LP), before unleashing Layers Of Time from their latest Black Anima LP. Black Anima is surely their most metal sounding LP to date and by the way; Black Anima features a new drummer, Richard Meiz who delivers a heavy pounding performance on this record.

Since Black Anima was scheduled for release on 10-11-19, it’s understandable why the band only played two songs from this LP;  Layers of Time and Reckless. The fans were loving the in your face and heavy new material so much, one would imagine that it won’t be long before the band introduces more material from Black Anima on this tour.

The band then ripped through three songs from their Delirium LP and one song from the Broken Crown Halo LP before presenting Reckless from Black Anima. Reckless is a heavy grinder that had the fans pumping fists and singing the line “You Make Me, You make Me Reckless.”  Cristina Scabbia then follows those lines by blasting her seeming limitless high vocal range with the lines, “Let’s wreck it down, Let’s be wild and get reckless,” truly brilliant!

With the entire Regent Crowd on its feet and in a frenzy, the band launched into their final song of the evening. The band of course could not leave without the Lacuna Coil anthem, everyone’s favorite song from Broken Crown Halo, Nothing Stands In Our Way. NSIOW is a classic song that is not only the name of Lacuna Coil’s new book, but is also an anthem for all of us who are relentlessly pushing through the crap that is in our way or is attempting to “Stand In Our Way.”One thing is for sure; Nothing is standing in the way of Lacuna Coil!

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The set list from the stage was:

Lacuna Coil Set List Regent Theater Los Angeles