Metallica Dominates Los Angeles

Metallica Dominates Los Angeles


by Allie Jorgen

On Sunday February 12, 2017 Metallica dominated Los Angeles, as the city was in a state of  “Metallica frenzy” in anticipation of the band’s arrival to perform at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards Show that night.  The band was nominated in the category for Best Rock Song for their song “Hardwired” from their latest Release HARDWIRED… TO SELF DESTRUCT. This Grammy appearance at the Staple Center was to be a special and rare live performance with Lady Gaga and Metallica performing “Moth Into Flame”  from their latest chart busting LP.  The live performance did not go as planned when the sound crew at the Grammy Awards were not able to turn on James Hetfield’s microphone.

Hetfield, the ever consummate professional made his way over to Lady Gaga’s microphone as they joined together to deliver an in your face, brain crushing and unstoppable performance which added a crazy, sexy and unique dynamic to the show that was a bit different than rehearsed. Check out the video below from Metallica’s Grammy Awards show rehearsal earlier that day with Hetfield’s mic turned on – the rehearsal video was posted by Lady Gaga.

Prior to Metallica’s arrival in downtown Los Angeles for the Grammys, rabid Metallica fans were already lining up in Hollywood, at the Hollywood Palladium for a special intimate “Post Grammy Show” (of about 3,000 fans) to take place directly after the Awards Show. Metallica clad fanatics lined up on Sunset Boulevard with their backpacks and coolers, getting a jump-start on what would turn out to be a non-stop Metallica party.  As the crowd began to grow on the boulevard, the LAPD were getting ready for the massive crowd. One Police car drove by the fans on the sidewalk with “Enter Sandman” at full volume coming from the cars PA system while they were honking and flashing horns up to the crazed crowd; whipping them into a greater frenzy. The massive crowd continued to grow outside the venue as two video crews arrived and began filming the spectacle. There was also a film crew filming some kind of “Metallica Documentary” with two actors walking among the crowd, (could this be released on the next Metallica Live DVD?)

All at once someone shouted “They’re on stage!” and every cell phone on the street was tuned into the Grammy Award show being held at the Staple Center. The crowd started moving forward as they were directed through the lines of security to enter the venue.


James Hetfield


The Hollywood Palladium had finally opened it’s doors, releasing the onslaught of fans that ran to the front of the stage to get up close for this Metallica party.  The venue filled quickly with the massive crowd that was in anticipation of the band’s arrival.


James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett


James Hetfield

The anticipation of their arrival was turning into restlessness as their 10pm start time came and went without the band on stage. As it was approaching 11:45 and still no band…tensions were mounting; this crowd was ready to explode!

All at once, the lights went out, the opening track played and then band hit the stage with Hardwired with the force of an atomic explosion.  At one point Hetfield told the audience… better be ready to party or get out of the way which further fueled the already frenzied crowd. The audience was a massive mix of young and old school Metallica fans and the entire Palladium vibe was completely old school Metallica or perhaps that of a South American soccer stadium crowd with everyone in total state of synchronicity. The floor moved as a single collective mass, swaying and writhing in every direction as one entity….unbelievably powerful!!!


Kirk Hammett


The night had many highlights including Hardwired, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman. For this rabid crowd the whole night was a highlight as they simultaneously pumped fists and knew the words to every song.

The intensity and sheer madness of the 3,000 people who attended this show reminds us that the Metallica Summer Stadium Tour with the Los Angeles stop at the Rose Bowl will be  a 2017 Concert Highlight you don’t want to miss!





Be sure to check out the New Metallica CD HARDWIRED…..TO SELF DESTRUCT and this Summer’s Metallica tour with support from Avenged SevenFold and Volbeat….it promises to be Earsplitting and Awesome!!!

The setlist was:


Creeping Death

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Harvester of Sorrow


Master of Puppets

Enter Sandman



Seek & Destroy


Be sure to pick up the new CD here:20160818_204624_7549_939498