Neil Peart and DW Drums Present-Growth Rings a short Narrated Film

Neil Peart Rush R40 Tour Las Vegas Grand Garden Arena

Neil Peart of Rush 

is known to rock fans around the world for his prowess behind the drum kit, as an innovative leader in progressive rock drumming and as a consummate drum soloist. As a lyricist and writer, Neil Peart was an amazing storyteller, whether it was through his lyrics or his drum solos, his narratives were always a well orchestrated piece of work that captured the reader and or listener. The drum solos that Peart presented for the R40 tour were definitely some of his greatest drumming works of his career. The R40 drum solos were a construction and assembly of his drumming knowledge that spanned his entire career. These solos were a true representation of his life’s work that were not only an amazing drumming feast but they were also a beautiful insight to 40 years of drumming from one of the all time greatest creators of progressive rock drumming. 

Neil Peart Rush R40 live Los Angeles Forum

Neil Peart, live at the MGM Grand Garden Arena R40 Tour


Peart’s retirement from the life as a touring drummer would not mean a retirement from his many creative endeavors. Many fans looked ahead in anticipation to more of his prose writing works which were always created with detailed composition that captivated the reader. One pleasant surprise and creative offering is his narrative creation for a short film titled “Growth Rings”. This narration is an analogy that illustrates the correlation between the stories as told by a tree through it’s  Growth Rings and the similar rings in our memories that were created by the association of the music that we were listening to at the time of a given experience.  This short film is aptly titled  Growth Rings and was a collaborative work with his drum sponsor “DW Drums“. Just like his prose writings, this narration is a fun and fascinating story that’s told by a caring and creative individual, with passion and a true and earnest enthusiasm.

Growth Rings will prove to be an enduring work from Peart as many of his lyrics still resonate with us. An example of one such resonating lyric is from the opening line of Afterimage off the Grace Under Pressure LP. although in this example; “suddenly you were gone, from all the lives you left your mark upon”, it’s meaning has cut much deeper with his passing. We thank you Neil Peart for everything you’ve created and helped create throughout your life; the world is a much better place for all your contributions. You remain forever in our hearts.

Check out Growth Rings and enjoy, it’s great to once again hear his voice as he unveils this captivating short story: