Until The Sun New LP Enchantment Review

Review by Roc Boyum

Until The Sun latest LP, Enchantment

Phoenix, Arizona blues/rock band Until The Sun released their latest self produced LP on July 21, 2023 titled- Enchantment. The band consists of the guitar prowess of Brandon Teskey, the mesmerizing and powerful vocals of Alyssa Swartz, the sometimes sleazy, sexy but always rocking drumming of Chris Tex, solid and kick-ass bass playing of David Raymer, and the sweet flavor and style of Michael Young on keyboards.

The band has stated that their music embodies elements of blues, rock, jazz and a bit of psychedelic blues-rock. For their Enchantment LP, don’t expect a standard collection of your typical blues/rock songs. The band said that they were trying to capture the essence of the 60’s psychedelic side of blues/rock, and I must say, they have done exactly that – they have definitely taken a deep dive into the 60’s psychedelic vibe and infused their record with a full dose of psychedelia; lava lamp not included. This fifteen song LP is a mix of well crafted songs, some short song ideas (not really completed songs), a couple of great renditions of some classic blues covers and songs that make an abrupt left turn that either have you with a question mark on your face and scratching your head or have you saying…far out man, this shit is beautiful.

Until the Sun-LR-David Raymer-bass, Alyssa Swartz-vocals, Chris Tex-drums, Brandon Teskey-guitars, Michael Young-keyboards

The LP starts off with the short track “Enchantment Part 1” which is designed to, and does, introduce you to the concept of the LP’s vibe. While this intro piece does do as they intended, I would have really liked to have heard this track as a fully completed song. The groove and guitar work on this intro piece are so damn cool layered with haunting vocals that float behind the music – this intro piece really draws the listener in…everything here beckons you to want more, more, more – next time perhaps they’ll expand on this track.

Brandon Tesky – Guitar

The LP’s first official track; “Your Well” is an original piece that is a steadfast heavy blues rocker with plenty of swagger and a great introduction into the sound of UTS. For the LP’s second song, the band did a real nice job of completely revamping the B.B. King classic “All Over Again” to the point of having it sound like an original song which is no easy task to do! Their version of this classic song is a journey of subtle blues, to kicking you in your face rocking blues, taking the listener on roller coaster ride of sultry beauty to screaming guitars, pounding drums and gritty vocals that make for a great listen.

The track “Death in Disguise” is a slow grinding blues rocker with the sultry singing by Swartz really shinning here. The vocals on this really grab you with soft passages – then turn up the heat with powerful soulful blues belting with a gritty edge.

Alyssa Swartz – Vocals

A little past the mid point of the LP, the band circles back to the theme they presented in “Enchantment 1” with the track “Enchantment 2” but with a more stripped down and ethereal approach. This song is kind of like picking up your hand rolled smoke and taking another drag to keep the mind drifting into UTS bliss.

For the last song on the LP, “Ghost in the Prayer”, the band really nailed the 60’s blues/rock vibe with 8 minutes and 29 seconds of music that will have you imagining yourself on the lawn at Woodstock, dancing about to the psychedelic sounds, while under the guise of your favorite medication. The song is full of witchy vocals, wha, wha guitars, mind altering guitar solos and a rhythm section that is the solid lifeline to kept you grounded on this peyote infused musical ride.

The recording of the LP is well done with each instrument articulated and carved out. Even in the heavier jams, the instruments don’t get lost in a puddle of mud. The attention to detail on every part of each instrument makes this LP a pleasure to listen to. Put on a pair of headphones and sit back with your favorite beverage and or hand rolled smoke of choice and drift away into the sonic landscape of the psychedelic 60’s blues/rock. Forget about the rest of the world for a little while; just enjoy the sweet ride that is ethereal and rockin’ all rolled into one big fat stogie of musical psychedelia!!!

If you are ready for some kick ass experimental Blues – then don’t wait – Get your copy and get into Until the Sun Here!